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Silverstone Solutions was founded in 2006 with the goal of delivering efficient, cost-effective technology solutions to the medical and healthcare industries. Our flagship product, Silverstone Matchmaker, is a clinical application that allows hospitals and transplant organizations to more quickly and accurately match patients in need of kidney transplants who have a qualified, incompatible donor with an alternate compatible donor. The software utilizes a series of proprietary algorithms to generate all potential paired donations and also optimizes the greatest number of possible transplants for an entire pool of paired-exchange candidates. MORE...

A Growing Problem

Demand for organ transplants is growing, and it is growing faster than the supply of available donor organs. Currently, there are over 75,000 patients listed on the deceased donor kidney wait list and this number is increasing, on average, by 16-20% each year. The disparity between the increasing size of the wait list and the pool of compatible donors means more suffering and deaths.

Paired kidney donation is a step toward helping reduce the size and the length of time spent on the wait list. Paired donation, along with Silverstone Solutions, can dramatically reduce the size of the wait list and the length of time spent on the wait list. MORE...

Silverstone Matchmaker

Silverstone Matchmaker was created to move organ recipients off the waiting list; off dialysis and, ultimately, to help save lives. The critical shortage of living organ transplants is dramatically improved through the use of Matchmaker by providing doctors and clinicians the ability to rapidly and accurately build sophisticated cross-matching tables for paired donations from a varying set of recipient and donor clinical records.

"Paired donation offers a unique opportunity for patients who have willing but incompatible living donors. Matchmaker is a remarkable innovation that will give paired donor patients their best chance."

-Steven Katznelson, M.D.
Medical Director CPMC Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Program

These cross-matching tables enable transplant professionals to rapidly find and analyze potential organ donations by mixing and matching a varying pool of potential donors with recipients in order to provide the best possible placement of compatible organs with recipients that are in need. MORE...

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